About The Petals

We freeze-dry dry real, fresh petals; removing their moisture whilst retaining their sizes, shades and colours.

How Does The Process Work?

Freeze-drying is chemical-free process which removes water without damage to organic cell structures, this results in a natural, long-lasting, bio-degradable product.

When roses are at their peak of blooming we prepare them for drying. The fresh blooms are removed and laid out on trays which slide into the specimen chamber of the freeze drier.

The machine is started and rapidly freezes down to -50 degrees.

Once the lower condenser chamber is at -50 the upper specimen chamber with the blooms inside is frozen down to near to -40.

The vacuum pump is then activated and the blooms are sealed under very high vacuum conditions.

The refrigeration in the upper chamberis then switched off, and as the temperature slowly rises the water in the rose petals is drawn off under vacuum (a process known as sublimation).

This whole drying process takes about two weeks to achieve a completely dry petal.

Each petal is then carefully removed by hand, and any petals that don’t meet our high standards are discarded.


Loose freeze dried petals in various colours

Example petal mix


A bag of mixed colour freeze dried petals ready for delivery

Petals packed for delivery


A box of cones filled with petals

Confetti cones

Storing your petals

  • Your petals will last for several months and should be kept in their original packaging, in a dark and dry place until needed.
  • Do not store in fridge or freezer (the fact they are freeze-dried doesn’t mean they need to be kept frozen!).

How much will you need?

2 litres of petals will provide:

7 to 8 good handfuls

16 to 20 cones

A light scattering over 2 metres of a path or aisle (assuming 1 metre wide)

A light scattering over 4 to 5 tables (5ft diameter)